Support for your tax declaration of your crypto assets

Detailed analysis of your situation

Overview of all your transactions, exchanges and wallets in one platform.
Coin acquisition cost computing.
Thorough analysis to identify missing transactions.
Consolidation of your deposits and withdrawals.

Personal report

Get your taxable amount, profit and loss, and price on every transaction.
Track the methodology applied using our detailed spreadsheet.
Download your tax certificate listing all transactions that need to be declared to the French fiscal administration.

Tax declaration

Use the optional service provided by Maître Axel Sabban to declare the missing transactions and regularise tax status.

Secured storage of your information
How do we protect your data?

Secured Connection via SSL (HTTPS)
Authentication using OAuth2
Waltio don't store any password, it's delegated to Auth0
Our servers are isolated in a private VPC
All client data are encrypted at rest

Waltio specificities

Waltio has been designed around the protection of your data
Waltio don't sell or share any information with third-party companies
Waltio's CTO has more than 15 years of experience in software architecture

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