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Evelynn Barbier

I had a tax audit covering the years 2018-2019-2020. The report obviously suited the tax auditor who did not ask us any que...



Thanks to Waltio, I could indeed declare my cryptos very easily. For that, you just have to link your accounts via an API, if it is proposed...


Roger Thomas

Site to recommend the team is very responsive, and the services are simply essential to be able to calculate the taxable items that are according to the tradi...

Waltio answers your questions

A line in your transaction history, deposit, withdrawal or exchange, is counted as a transaction, whether it is a crypto-crypto or crypto-fiat exchange or a crypto-currency transfer operation. Transactions made in a multitude of transactions are counted in their total number of transactions. The price is only calculated on the transactions of the current fiscal year.

Our crypto capital gains calculator software can help you report your taxable gains for the current tax year. You will also be able to access all previous years' tax returns from 2019. Since payment is based on the number of transactions per year, access to previous years is available for a fee. To regularize your situation for the years prior to 2019, we recommend our tax lawyer (Avroy Avocat). 

Yes absolutely, you can generate as many versions of tax reports as you want. So you can always add or change accounts or transactions and get new documents. There are no additional costs.

Our free crypto calculation offer allows you to connect over 200 platforms, analyze your transactions and edit your tax report up to 50 transactions per year.

Our product is designed to meet the expectations of the current Belgian legislation. Our calculation method has been established in collaboration with Maitre Ernotte, tax lawyer, specialist in crypto-currencies.