About us

Our mission

We are convinced that the future of finance will be decentralized, digitized and tokenized.
Our mission is to facilitate the transition of the financial system, to make it more digital, accessible and borderless. To accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, an enforced regulatory regime is necessary. We believe that taxation and accounting should not be a barrier to their adoption. Thus, we want to facilitate it to as many people as possible.

Our team

Pierre Morizot

CEO / Founder


Ben Chevallereau

CTO / Founder

Valentin Morterol

Head of Operations

Anthony Galea

Front-end Lead

Daniel Adam

Back-end Engineer

Léo Aremayo

Communication Manager

Émilie Jurdic

Legal Manager

Loïc Souvignet

Head of Marketing

Adrian Felden

Business Manager

Xavier Godon

Account Manager

Sylvain Ramaradjou

Head of Customer Care

Thomas Peltre

Front-end Engineer

Arthur Baracand

UX / UI Designer

Gabriel Turpin

Customer Care Officer

Émile Mokoko

Customer Care Officer

Corentin Engrand

Customer Care Officer

Julien Chemla

Customer Care Officer