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Waltio est un assistant fiscal qui permet de calculer et déclarer automatiquement ses plus-values de cryptomonnaies en toute sécurité.

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A tailor-made solution for all your needs.

Waltio was built hand in hand with tax experts (Lawyer and Accountant). Fill in your tax return in a minute, without errors

Receive clear explanations and get answers to all your questions.

No more spreadsheets and calculators. No need to code to retrieve your files. Waltio automatically calculates your taxable capital gains.
Make your cryptocurrency tax returns in just a few clicks.

Pay only the "right tax". Deduct your purchase and transaction costs from your taxable income. Benefit from our tips for legally maximising your tax burden.

Not declaring or partially declaring your cryptocurrency earnings is liable to a tax adjustment.

Be prepared in case of a tax audit: face the future calmly thanks to the documents we provide.

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Benefit from a complete solution.


Simply connect your wallets.

Automatically synchronize all your wallets, blockchains and trading platforms.
Add + 200 comptes safely.


Analyze all your transactions in a few minutes.

Save time!
Calculate your overall portfolio value, the sum of your taxable transactions and get your capital gains or losses quickly.
View all your accounts on a single chart.


Get your pre-filled tax report.

Declare your capital gains, generate a stock sheet and a general ledger to monitor your investments and performance.
No stress in case of a tax audit!


Properly declare your passives incomes such as staking or airdrops.

Get the necessary information from each platform.

A caring and passionate

Our customer service team is composed of lawyers, cryptocurrency experts and tax specialists. 
98% of our clients recommend us!

Simply connect your wallets.

More than 10 000 crypto owners trust us

Waltio is a team with a kindness and benevolence that can be seen even through the screen. Waltio is above all an accompaniment (sometimes even a...

Oly Mary

Thanks to Waltio, I could indeed declare my cryptos very easily. For that, you just have to link your accounts via an API, if it is proposed...


Site to recommend the team is very responsive, and the services are simply essential to be able to calculate the taxable items that are according to the tradi...

Roger Thomas

The service is very professional. Valentin is very attentive, patient and caring. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend Waltio. For my part I would stay...

Bob lune

Simple and efficient, very useful and profitable, allows to avoid going to see 

Indispensable for those who want to properly declare their

Trust the first crypto tax assistant in Belgium

More than 10 000

cryptocurrencies tracked

Over 10 billions euros

of transactions volume analyzed

Over 60 millions

transactions read

Declare your crypto tax capital gains worry free

« Declaring your crypto taxes can be a real brain teaser. With Waltio, you have a solution that allows you to meet easily your tax obligations in Belgium.»

Florian Ernotte
Tax Lawyer, Avroy avocats

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